Leading the way in 2019

IGS Head Boy Fadi Al Hatu and Head Girl Siena Scott-Hickie have set their sights high on enhancing our IGS community and reinforcing the School’s values.

Siena said she has three main areas of focus for 2019:

  • reigniting students’ passions for their languages and highlighting their importance now and for the future
  • encouraging engagement with the School, especially among senior students, focusing primarily on peer mentorship
  • encouraging interest, understanding and participation in issues of global significance, reinforcing the School’s global outlook.

“I’m passionate about languages and I’m excited to give back to a school that has supported me through 13 years of learning,” Siena said.

Fadi shared his goals and reflected on the roles of the leadership group as a team.

“My goals are to enhance the international culture of the School,” he said.

“As a group of leaders we are all really passionate about bringing everyone together as a community and making everyone at the School feel that little bit more comfortable here.”

Fadi and Siena at Speech Night 2018