Languages: Your passport to the world

欢迎, Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Benvenuti, Bienvenidos ようこそ!

Please keep an eye out for your language selection form which you’ll receive by the end of Term 3. 

At IGS, the study of languages is a passport to discovering and experiencing our world in new ways. Your journey as a language learner will provide you with the ability to understand and interact with your own culture and that of others. This ability to move comfortably between cultures is what can make you world-ready and can open up opportunities such as school exchanges, travel and a rich and rewarding work life.

Everyone in Year 7 will be studying a new language. Students transitioning from IGS Primary School will continue with the second language they’ve been studying since entry (either French, German, Italian or Japanese). New students to the school, who may not have done much language learning before, will choose between beginners French or beginners Italian and this will become their second language. To increase your skill at moving competently between languages, all Year 7 students also pick up a third language and this is a two-year compulsory course. Your third language choices are Chinese (Mandarin) or Spanish and these are offered at beginner level.

Hasta pronto!

Juliette Bates

Acting Head of Languages High School