Languages in focus at IGS

Students from Early Learning to Year 12 enjoy learning languages at IGS.

Head of Languages Junior School Vilma Rotellini shared some highlights of a week of language learning IGS for early learners and Primary students.

Our youngest language learners in Early Learning explored a weather chart in Japanese and were asked to give a daily weather update in class.

In Kindergarten French, students enjoyed reading together and exploring  “les animaux au zoo”.

Years 2 Japanese and French students set up a floating and sinking tray. Students were asked to predict, experiment and record the objects that were able to float or sink when placed into water, describing the actions in their second language. 

Ms Rotellini said the Primary students enjoyed the fun science activity.

Year 3 students of Japanese used paddle pop sticks to reinforce their Katakana and Kanji while Year 3 Italian students worked in pairs to brainstorm words, verbs and structures related to “La Salute”.

Year 5 German students revisited vocabulary and the geographical features of Japan, with students taking on the teacher’s role.

The Year 5 Italian Beginners class worked in small groups, one group rehearsing dialogues about “Dal Dottore”, while another group wrote a recount of their daily routine in Italian.