Language learning in China

In early December, six IGS students visited Guangdong Experimental Yuexiu School in Guangzhou China, as a return visit to their exchange partners.

Assistant Head of High School Languages and Chinese Teacher Shuyi Wu said students were thrilled to experience life in China.

Students stayed in their exchange partners’ home and attended school every day.

“Students were spoiled by their host families with great food and fantastic outings.”

In the mornings, IGS students attended classes and in the afternoons, they participated in a variety of special workshops, including Chinese Kungfu and tea ceremony, Chinese calligraphy, face masks design as well as 3D printing and LED light models

“Students said that they were excited to be an expert in English; they met the challenges in Maths; and they felt a bit lost in Chinese lessons,” Ms Wu said.

The students also participated in a four-day excursion, appreciating both modern and traditional Guangzhou.

The trip provided the students with valuable, authentic learning experiences, immersed in culture.

“They learned something which they can never learn in class or from textbooks,” Ms Wu said.

“For almost all of them, this was the first time they have stayed away from their own families for such a long time. Handling the excitement and challenge in life by themselves, I saw them grow.”