Kodomo no hi

Kindergarten students learning Japanese had the recent opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge Japan’s annual event, Kodomo no hi (Children’s Day).

The students enjoyed a craft making activity, Koinobori, meaning “carp streamer”.

Prior to commencing the craft making, the students identified the colours of each carp in Japanese. “Kuro” (black), “aka” (red) and “ao” (blue), as well as “me” (eyes) were used for this activity.

“While decorating their own Koinobori, the students particularly enjoyed calling out onomatopoeias that were used for cutting and gluing in Japanese,” said IGS Japanese Teacher Machiko Ohta.

“As they cut out the eyes, they loved saying ‘choki choki choki’ (cutting sound). They also didn’t want to miss out on saying ‘guru guru guru’ (round-and-round), as they glued together parts of the Koinobori.”

To conclude the activity, students enjoyed singing a song about Koinobori.