Kindy’s class pet teaches life lesson

Kindergarten students are enjoying learning all about staying alive this term with their very own class pet.

The children have been learning about things that are both living and non-living.

“It’s a great way to link science with literacy in the classroom,” Kindergarten Teacher Sarah Elwasfi said.

“It provides opportunities for students to investigate needs for the survival of animals, including humans, and how our senses help us stay alive. I spoke about having a class pet and I was thinking of a stick insect but the children had other ideas.

“The next day one of our students brought in a garden snail and then another and another and now we have five. I went with what the children were interested in and now we have snails as our class pets.

“The children are really loving having them in the class. They came up with some names and we took a vote on the most popular names.”

Ms Elwasfi said she could see the wonder, excitement and fascination in the children’s eyes as they watched the snails eat.

“This week we have begun our research to find out some facts about snails,” she said.

Some of the students’ findings:

Davin: “The whole body of a snail is called the foot.”

Aanya: “Snails are blind they can only see light and dark. They use their sense of touch.”

Nathan: “If a snail has no shell it is called a slug.”

Ryan: “The shell on its back is actually its home.”

Sarina: “When they blow bubbles they are scared. That’s not nice.”