Kindy dive deep in Under the Sea Drama incursion

Kindergarten students were treated to an Under the Sea Drama incursion recently, where they were quizzed on their knowledge of dolphins, sharks, and other animals.

Students also had the chance to become underwater divers, rainbow fish, octopi, dolphins, seaweed and jellyfish.  

Using music and drama techniques, students explored animal movements, ocean habitat and the impact of pollution on marine life.
Miss Davis: What did you learn about in our Under the Sea incursion?

Zachary- You shouldn’t throw rubbish in the sea because it might hurt sea creatures 

Miss Davis: What was your favourite part of the incursion?

Tally-  dressing up as an octopus because I liked pretending to squirt ink at the class

Miss Davis: Why do you enjoy learning Drama?

Sophia –  because I like how we move around and have lots of fun.