Kindergarten practise mindfulness

As part of Kindergarten's Healthy Mind, Body and Heart integrated topic in Term 2, Kindy Blue have been exploring their feelings.

Students were shown the Zone of Regulation, and discussed where some of their emotions fall within the zone.

This Term, Kindergarten Teachers have introduced the topic of Mindfulness.

“Mindfulness means paying full attention to something, slowing down to really notice what you’re doing and how you are feeling.”

In the lesson, Christie  referred to the Stop, Think, Breathe exercise from the students’ Term 1 Drama incursion.

“Mindfulness helps us to focus, stay calm, slow down, listen and feel happier and enjoy things,” she said.

“Sometimes our emotions can be overwhelmingly powerful. They are a normal part of life.”

Students watched the Dojo clip Mojo Meets the Beast’ and followed the discussion questions. 

To conclude their lesson on mindfulness, students were asked to create a drawing about a time when their “beast” came out. They were invited to write a sentence about what happened and the emotion they experienced.