Kindergarten back on deck and busy

In their first full week back in the classroom in months, Kindergarten students have taken to their fresh tasks with gusto.

IGS Kindergarten Teacher Deborah King said it was great being back together after such a long time.

“The children have settled well back into School and we are establishing some new routines too,” Deborah said.

In Week 3 of Term 4, their first week back on campus, the children extended their understanding of push and pull by making a toy.

“They have designed their toy and are working on constructing it.

“The children are sharing their understanding of place value and consolidating skills in addition and subtraction using a range of tools.

“They are learning to read and write simple procedures such as, how to make a sandwich and how to make a chatterbox.”

The children completed a writing task on Monday and below are some of their responses.

Now I am back at school I am excited:

To play with my friends

To play at the playground

To learn new stuff

To see my friends

To see all of my friends, play with my friends, eat with my friends and talk to them.

To see my friends again

To do Maths

To play on the rooftop

In Kindergarten Gold, IGS Teacher Laura Makepeace said the children enjoyed completing a place value activity.