Kailesh Reitmans music makes waves

Kailesh Reitmans (2015) composed the score for Naysan Baghai's award-winning documentary.

Kailesh, who has a Bachelor of Music majoring in music composition from the Australian Institute of Music, has been composing music for theatre and film, has lived in France and has a jazz ensemble.
“I love working with music,” he said. “It’s so creative and you can express yourself. It’s something you feel, not through words.”

Although his main instrument is piano, which he began learning at IGS in Year 8, “when you are writing music for film and theatre it’s mainly done on computer, with synthesizers, software, recording, processing and making unique sounds. There were aleatoric textures, sparse and different, and acoustic features, combined.”

He enjoyed creating the soundscape for Naysan’s movie.
“It was about what cold makes you feel. For me there was that sense of desolation, and icy, brittle sounds.”
He and Naysan, who were in Preschool together at IGS, worked closely together on the documentary.
Kailesh said he was “speechless and very, very thankful” when the award was announced. “It was an honour and a career leap forward.”