Junior Girls Mentoring Club empowers students

IGS has added a new and exciting program to the lunchtime clubs on offer, Junior Girls Mentoring.

Girls in Year 8 have been the first to engage with the program led by IGS alumna Melanie Raimundo (2010).

Melanie holds a Diploma of Counseling and is studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science. She is also the Associate Director of Relationship Capital.

Acting Head of High School Co-Curricular Megan Sampson said Melanie’s time at IGS has given her a unique insight and perspective into the lives and experiences of our students.

“Year 12 leaders Astrid McKinley and Gabi Fitzgerald are also involved in the program, as initiating a program of this nature was one of their leadership goals for 2020,” Megan said.

“These young women feel very passionately about creating meaningful connections with our Year 8 girls and inspiring in them a sense of confidence and belief in themselves.

“Several other Year 12 students come along each week and participate in the program with Year 8 and it is hoped that as the program continues many more of our Year 12 students feel empowered as positive role models for their younger peers.”