Jumping feet first into a learning opportunity

As part of their PE curriculum, Year 6 students who chose water safety skills as their activity have learnt valuable skills and knowledge to take with them into real life situations.

At Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, the group learnt about procedures, precautions and policies associated with safety in, on and around bodies of water, where there are potential risks.

“We learnt valuable skills and safety procedures that I would definitely be able to use in real life situations,” Maya Isbister said.

“Completing rescue drills in pairs and groups, we learnt the importance of keeping calm in these situations, and speaking calmly to others at risk in the water, so that appropriate actions can happen safely.”

Rescue drills in groups

“The different practical elements of the course made it easy to visualise potential water situations that we may one day encounter,” Nadia Kljajic added.

Life-jacket activities

One of the safety drills included swimming in normal clothes, to experience falling into the water unprepared.

“Swimming in pants and shirts was actually quite fun, because it was really different, and it definitely made us picture what it would be like in a real life rescue situation, by having the extra weight,” Nadia said.

The program enables students to build confidence as their competence in swimming developed.

“My swimming stamina and technique has definitely improved because of this,” Eva Harris-Watts said.

“In a race situation, I wouldn’t really focus on your technique or ability, I’d just be trying to get down the other end of the pool, but because we focused on our technique and being comfortable in the water, I’ve definitely come a long way with my abilities.”

Students having a ball!

Given the Sydney’s location, surrounded by waterways, these skills are highly relevant.

“By practising special safety jumps into the water, jumping feet first, we learnt how to keep our heads above water and maintain eye contact with rescue vessels, life rafts, ropes etc,” Katerina Mitsis said.

Safety jump

The group agreed they’d love to extend their learning in this area and have highly recommend this course to fellow students.