Joy and gratitude as school concludes

From the Principal

What an extraordinary year! We have experienced challenge, adaptability and success on a scale we could barely have imagined a year ago.

I could not be more proud of your children for the way they have taken changes in their stride, settling into their studies whether off-campus or on campus and building new COVID-safe practices into their routines.

In the weeks of lockdown, we felt grateful and privileged to work with our students, whose joy and exuberance reminded us of humanity’s creative and cooperative capacity to rise above adversity together.

Our students’ messages of thanks and hope brightened the lives of health workers and resounded around the country’s hospitals.

Learning continued as students stretched their curiosity and skills in every field. Apart and together, all continued to learn and grow, becoming ever more adept in their critical and creative thinking, in their social, emotional, language and music skills, in STEAM and the humanities. And who could forget our innovative 1000 Point Challenge and virtual cross country competition!

This year, our teachers stepped up as they always do, showering our students with attention, patience, praise and encouragement for being themselves and for their efforts, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. We were rewarded by watching them flourish!

It was a joy to watch the students expand into the enriching, creative spaces of the newly completed IGS Bibliothèque and the Centre for the Dramatic Arts, and they will continue to reap the benefits as they journey through our School.

Watching our diverse students shine at our end-of-year events is always a highlight of my year. Students feel such a sense of belonging to the IGS community, nurtured by our highly skilled teachers who love what they do. 

At all ages, our students have excelled in 2020. We were blown away by the quality of our HSC Major Works, and our senior students’ hard work and achievements have already been recognised in showcase nominations and selections, and in early offers to universities.

We hope all our students spend some time in nature this summer, immerse themselves in good books and simply enjoy being with family and friends.

Thank you for warmly supporting our School this year. I wish you all a joyful holiday. 

Speech Night at the State Theatre takes place on 7 December at 7pm. It’s set to be a very special evening. After the summer holidays, we look forward to welcoming our students again on our first full day of the 2021 academic year, on Thursday 28 January.

Shauna Colnan