Japanese and Italian immersion experiences

Each year, students in Years 7 and 8 embark on Language Immersion Day activities in their target language, deepening their understanding of their additional language and culture.

The day also requires the students to put into practice their language-speaking skills.

Japanese and Italian learners share their immersion experiences below. Next week’s edition of InFocus will bring you news from the French and German immersion activities.


The Japanese experience included two one-hour Japanese language and culture workshops, Taiko drum and Sushi-making, followed by a History activity (Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day and Origami) and viewing of a Japanese film.


Student reflection:

‘Language Immersion Day’ はとてもたのしかったです。






‘Language Immersion Day’ was very enjoyable.

We made some Sushi and ate ‘Tofu-don’ (fried bean-curd and rice dish).

We also had a Taiko drum workshop and watched a Japanese Anime film.

The name of the film is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

We made an Origami crane (for Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day).

It was so much fun!

Harriet Ryder (ハリエット・ライダー)



This year the Italian students watched Come un gatto in tangenziale (2017) at Palace Norton Street, Leichhardt.

They also enjoyed a “cannolo” from Mezzapica and walked to the Italian Forum to study some of the history of Italian immigration in Australia.


Student reflections:

Immersion Day, era un giorno molto interessante e divertente. Primo di andare a Leichhardt, fare un po` di lavoro a scuola nella biblioteca, abbiamo ascoltato una canzone e abbiamo fatto le schede e fare le risposte per le domande. Siamo andati a Mezzapica per i cannoli e altri dolci italiani, e siamo andati al parco per mangiare. Anche siamo andati a pranzo a Gioia. Il cibo era buono e piacevole. Abbiamo visto il film “Come Un Gatto In Tangenziale” era un film fantastico e io adoro questo film. Immersion Day, era un giorno eccellente e ho imparato tanto. Era un’esperienza indimenticabile e io penso che e` un giorno piu` divertente perche` sono fuori dalla scuola e sono differente di un’altro giorno.

Immersion Day was a very interesting and fun day. Before going to Leichhardt, we did some work in the School Library, listened to a song and other work. We went to Mezzapica for cannoli and other Italian sweets, and we went to the park to eat them. We also went to Cafe Gioia for lunch. The food was really good. We watched a film called Come un gatto in tangenziale. It was a great film and I loved it. Immersion Day was an excellent day and I learnt a lot. It was an unforgettable experience. I think it was the best day because we are out and it’s not the same as every other school day.

Nell Brennan

Giornata Di Immersione!

Lo scorso venerdì mi sono divertito. Il ristorante aveva buon cibo e il film era divertente. È stata una bellissima giornata in cui ho parlato italiano giocato con i miei amici e visto quanti biscotti posso mangiare in una volta. Quest’anno la giornata di immersione è stata un’esperienza divertente. Sono triste che non posso andare l’anno prossimo.

Immersion Day!

Last Friday I had lots of fun. The restaurant had good food and the film was fun. It was a great day because I spoke Italian, played with my friends and was able to see how many biscuits I could eat at once. This Immersion Day was fun. I am sad that next year I can’t go on Immersion Day.

Luca Mesiti