Jamison secures early University offer

Congratulations to IGS Sports Leader Jamison Power of Year 12, who received three early university offers.

Jamison has received three early entry offers, Bachelor of  International Security Studies at the Australian National University, Bachelor of International Studies and Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University via their Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme,  and a Bachelor of International Studies and Criminology at UTS.

Jamison is passionate about following a career path that uses his language skills. He also said he wants to help people.

“I would ideally love to travel next year and go overseas to broaden my horizons but in a COVID world, it is hard to be sure if this will be a possibility,” Jamison said.

“The course of International Studies interests me as this would allow me to use my languages and study overseas for a year. The opportunity of being immersed in another culture, learning a different way of life, while still studying and speaking different languages is something that really attracts me.

“I completed my Italian HSC last year and am doing French Beginners, Spanish and Spanish Extension this year,” Jamison said.

His passion for travelling and love of languages stemmed from the experiences he had at IGS.

“I would say I have been inspired by my love of languages and the times I have travelled overseas with the school and my family and my Sydney University Football team.

“I went on the Greece History Drama trip and the Italy History Drama trip and also went to England and Spain with my Football team. These are experiences that I will always reme

mber. They’ve inspired me to want to continue to learn and speak in a variety of languages,” he said.

“Throughout my Primary School years right up until my final year at IGS, my language teachers have always pushed me to constantly improve and be the best version of myself, especially my Italian teachers, Miss Rotellini, Miss Casu and a few others, as well as Mrs Blanda and Miss Gagliano all of whom have played a key role in shaping me to be the avid language enthusiast I am today. They have not only supported me with my learning but helped me grow as a person throughout my schooling years.

“As an IGS student, I have loved being a part of the sporting community. All of the sporting gala days spent with my friends having fun are days that I will remember beyond my schooling years, and will definitely outweigh the stress around the HSC.

“I feel proud to have been given the role of Sports Leader, though disappointed that COVID impacted what I was able to accomplish.”

Jamison thanked IGS for all the opportunities and said he would greatly miss the School.

IGS warmly invites Jamison and all members of our Class of 2021 to join our online IGS Alumni Community here.