Isabel Whitaker: Indigenous land and fire management teaching kit

After embarking on the Red Earth Immersion trip, Isabel Whitaker felt inspired to learn more about Aboriginal history.

“My favorite topic so far has been Aboriginality and the land,” Isabel said.

“My major work is a Teaching Kit for Stage 4 students. It achieves two out of the three cross-curriculum priorities, meaning it can be applied to all key learning areas. It involves a workshop plan, a PowerPoint, a Kahoot, a Yarning Circle sheet, a Teachers Fact Sheet, eight-way pedagogy activity cards and “I used to think, but now I think” cards.

“The process involved a lot of research and consultation with the community, both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous. I explored the value of Indigenous Fire Management in contemporary society specifically its use in response to the recent bush fires in Australia.”

View her Teachers Fact Sheet here.