IRT Projects impress

IGS Year 6 students have completed their Independent Research Tasks (IRTs).

Students presented their works to each other and asked each other diverse questions, so that all students learnt about a much wider range of topics than might otherwise be made available via a more standard curriculum.

Students displayed an impressive depth of knowledge about their chosen subjects and created a range of products, including presentations and artworks.


Phaedra of 6 Blue asked the question: What do the ruins of Pompeii tell us about the people that once lived there?

Phaedra said the biggest highlight of the IRT was completing the Fine Arts Project.

“A huge congratulations to the Year 6 students and teachers for completing the Independent Inquiry and Research Task (IRT). Over the course of Term 3, the students have been guided through the inquiry process to gain insights and a deep understanding of their chosen topics. It has been evident throughout the presentations this week, the standard of work in 2020 is exemplary,” said Head of Stage 3 Jessica Price.

“The students celebrated the end of their IRT with a special breakfast with their peers and teachers. This was a well-deserved treat for all of their hard work. I am sure the students will also take this time to reflect upon the huge task they have accomplished.

“When asking Saskia in 6 Gold, what advice would you give to future Year 6 students who were about to start their IRT, she said, ‘Manage your time. You need to follow time guidelines and stick to them because time tends to just slip away.’

“The students have gained so many useful skills throughout this term in preparation for their first year of High School. Working to deadlines, being organised, and giving and receiving feedback are all useful skills for High School.”

Ollie of 6 Blue asked the question: What is the past and future of Space travel?

At the completion of his presentation, students asked questions such as, do you want to go to space, do you think you will work for NASA when you are older, who was the first man to go to space, and how long did it take you to complete your Fine Arts Project.