“Irasshaimase” is a Japanese welcome to customers in stores and restaurants.

In their studies of Japanese culture, Year 3 students have enjoyed focusing on festivals.

“The students studied the characteristics of Japanese festivals and expressions used to purchase ‘oishii’ (yummy) food at festival stalls, in a pretend festival in the classroom,” said Japanese Educator Machiko Sensei.

“Before the activity, they made their own wallet using origami paper and received 1000 yen.”

After rehearsing the expressions, students enjoyed taking on the role of shop assistants and customers.

“The room was quickly filled with the ‘Irasshaimase!’ calls to welcome their customers,” Machiko Sensei said.

“They confidently ordered ‘Wataame o hitotsu kudasai’ (Can I please have one fairy floss), and asked the price ‘Ikura desuka’.

“They loved the speaking activity!”