Involvement boosts wellbeing

A range of High School students were awarded co-curricular prizes for their involvement in diverse activities at a recent High School assembly.

Co-curricular prizes awarded
Co-curricular prizes awarded

“What you are receiving by being involved in co-curricular activities is far, far more than an award,” said IGS Deputy Head of High School and Director of Student Activities Paul Galea, congratulating the recipients.

“You get to be an integral part of our community if you are involved and you are doing things in your school. You will feel good about yourself.

“I would love to see us all feeling better about ourselves.”

Poster competition

Year 12 leaders Otis Connor, Max Rodie, Kieran Do and Rohan Robinson launched a tutor group poster competition promoting “inclusiveness and respect”, which will be judged from Week 9 on the level of creativity and effectiveness in delivering the message.