Introducing our 2018 Head Boy and Head Girl

2018 IGS Head Boy Lukian Adams and Head Girl Mi-kaisha Masella intend to be a voice for all students and enhance the school community.

“I want to continue the unity between students and teachers, and encourage everyone around us and continue this special IGS community spirit,” said Mi-kaisha during a Q&A with Principal Shauna Colnan at our first High School assembly.

Lukian said he wanted to make it easier for students to give feedback and have a voice in the School.

“I want to encourage feedback from our school community as much as possible,” Lukian said.

Ms Colnan asked how the two school leaders felt when they were told of the news that they had been selected as leaders.

“It was something I had never imagined,” Lukian said.

Mi-kaisha had just finished the sound check for her Speech Night performance when Ms Colnan took her to the side of the stage and let her know the news, describing the moment as “surreal”.

Lukian and Mi-kaisha offered some words of advice for their younger peers.

“Don’t worry about the future,” Lukian said. “Don’t stress about something that you might not be able to control. Just take experiences as they come.”

Mi-kaisha’s advice? “Be present,” she said. “Surround yourself with good people and be kind. Have the courage to put yourself out there. Start a conversation with someone.”

The leaders shared some reflections on their time at IGS.

“My favourite memory of IGS so far is my first IGS ArtsFest when I was in Year 7,” Lukian said. “It was so intriguing to see that there was so much more to High School than I had thought. It really opened eyes to the opportunities we have here.”

Mi-kaisha reflected on her first IGS ArtsFest performance.

“I got up and sang, and it was so nerve-racking, but I knew everyone had my back and would support me,” she said.

All students at IGS are encouraged to recognise that the best leadership comes from within the group and is not imposed on them. Students also consider their social responsibilities both within and outside the school community.

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