Into the wild

Year 9 students recently visited Kangaroo Valley for their Wilderness Program Outdoor Education Camp.

IGS students and staff spent three nights camping in Morton National Park, engaging in various leadership and teamwork activities, and embracing their natural surroundings.

“The purpose of this three-night camp is to provide our Year 9 students with an opportunity to further develop outdoor education skills in addition to leadership skills,” said Assistant Head of Sport and Outdoor Education Lyndon Kleeman.


Students were grouped into teams of 10 to 15 people, assisted by an IGS staff member and a Wilderness Program group leader.

The teams took part in challenging hikes and canoeing activities. Each student also had a turn at being a leader, a cook and a navigator, enhancing team building skills.


What did the students think of the Wilderness Program?

Tiger: “Camp was a very fun and influential experience. It challenged everyone, but also encouraged good leadership skills that gave everyone motivation when they were struggling.”

Ned: “It was very fun and exciting; overall, a 10 out of 10 experience.”

Anna: “An amazing experience and something I will remember forever.”

Aidan: “What really makes camp special is the people you do it with!”