International Day: call for volunteers

Preparations have begun for International Day 2018 on Friday 3 August with the theme The Global Environment.

Much loved by IGS students, the day is always vibrant and positive, filled with costumes, colour, food, performances and workshops.

The day offers fun, educational experiences that connect students to the wider world and open their eyes to the broad diaspora of cultures united in our IGS community.

Are you willing to share your expertise or interest in:

  • Sustainable living?
  • Recycling?
  • Upcycling fashion?
  • Designing a more sustainable urban environment for our wellbeing?
  • Working on the war on waste?
  • Protecting the Australian environment?
  • International approaches to environmental issues?

Ideas are endless!

Please contact Director of Languages Rosalba Genua-Petrovic at to discuss ideas for sharing with High School students.

Please contact Primary Educator Teresa Bertoli at or Head of Kindergarten to Year 2 Jessica Slater at to discuss ideas for sharing with Primary School.

Key activities on the day

  • High School Assembly at 8.45am to 9.45am
  • Early Learning Concert at 11am to 11.30am
  • Primary School Assembly at 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Food stalls
Food stalls are integral. There are many ways to assist, such as supplying food or donating funds for the purchase of food. We also need helpers to set up and serve on the day.

Click here to offer food donations.

Please contact High School Studies Coordinator Irina Braun at to offer to assist on a food stall for 30 minutes or more.

Culture rooms
Culture rooms give students an immersive experience of another culture with traditional costumes, activities and delicious food on offer.

Please contact Language Educator Lucy Sensei at to contribute to a culture room.

International Day would not be the grand event that it is year on year without the immense support of its volunteers.

Please contact the Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) Association at if you are interested in volunteering on the day.

A reminder that all IGS volunteers are required to have up to date Working With Children Check clearance.