International Day 2018

One of our favourite events on the IGS calendar is fast approaching: International Day!

This year, we are delighted to announce that our theme is The Global Environment.

“This theme will give us an opportunity to explore how different countries around the world are dealing with environmental issues, sustainability and protecting the environment for future generations,” said IGS Director of Languages Rosalba Genua-Petrovic.

“We will also explore how environmental factors can impact and influence the development of cultures, the impacts cultural practices and beliefs may have on the environment, and the amazing initiatives different countries are developing to solve their environmental problems.”

International Day is an annual whole-school event where students develop their intercultural understanding and celebrate the ethos of our School through our motto, Unity Through Diversity.

This year’s International Day is on Friday 3 August.

“I will be looking for parents to join us in exploring this wonderful theme through workshops, forums and other activities,” Rosalba said.

Much more information on the event will be released in coming weeks. Please email if you have a fantastic idea you’d like to share with the School.