Inspiring and nurturing spaces

Students and staff are settling into the new and refreshed learning spaces across the campus, adding creative touches to bring the campus to life.

The Imaginarium is hosting a vibrant display of student artworks, transforming the space into an exhibition of imagination and originality.

New lounging areas and a showcase of students’ works
Spectacular artworks mounted on the walls of the Imaginarium

The space has also hosted an array of drama workshops for Primary students, aimed at encouraging social and emotional learning. The Community Learning Program’s Youth Mental Health First Aid for Parents will also take place in the space this term, as well as various other learning activities for our community.

IGS thanks Director of Art and Design Craig Malyon for his work in transforming this space.

More spectacular works of art!

Over to the Kelly Street Building, the IGS Counselling Team have established a comfortable and welcoming new home for their counselling services.

The space includes private sitting areas for the team to offer support to students, families and staff.

IGS counselling team Joe Degeling and Dr Tamara Kezelman
IGS counselling team Joe Degeling and Dr Tamara Kezelman

Director of Counselling Services Joseph Degeling and School Counsellor Dr Tamara Kezelman work closely with teachers and are members of the student care team. They provide professional development for teachers through formal and informal training and consultations.

Visitors were invited to take a look at these spaces, as well the rest of the campus on IGS Open Night.