Improving waste management at IGS

Sustainable Futures has been working with the Facilities Department at IGS to improve our waste management. 

Following a student-led Waste Audit and Waste Management Report, Sustainable Futures have engaged waste consultants and obtained $10,000 of grant funding.

The group have created a plan to change the School’s bin system by

    • installing clearly labelled, colour coded bins across the School
    • including a yellow co-mingled service to increase our recycling
    • reducing the number of bins inside classrooms and placing larger bins in more central areas to improve ease and efficiency for cleaners.

Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele said the School community can help by disposing of rubbish appropriately and encouraging others to do the same.

Let’s work together for a cleaner, more sustainable school.

Sustainability Leader Harriet Ryder of Year 11 said the new bins around the School will make sustainability easier and more accessible for all IGS students.

“These bins will be clearly labelled, giving the School the opportunity to ensure that waste will be disposed of in the correct locations,” Harriet said.

“I want to use my position as Sustainability Leader to increase school sustainability through communication and direct action. As we return to school, I urge all students to dispose of their waste carefully and sustainably using this new system.”

Harriet is to be congratulated for completing her Senior Geography Project on Waste at IGS. Read her project here.

“I chose this topic because I am deeply passionate about sustainability and want to encourage students at the School to do more to reduce their own consumption,” she said.

“I believe that we, as a school, have an opportunity to use our resources and privilege to create a more sustainable environment.

“The project included a school-wide survey of teachers and students, meetings with maintenance staff, and analysis of current systems through a waste audit.

“The results of the survey mostly concerned the state of the bins – many students struggled to correctly dispose of waste due to mislabeling or inaccessibility. I decided to use the results of this project to act on the concerns of IGS community members.”

Harriet thanked IGS Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele, as well as the Maintenance and Cleaning staff and Sustainable Futures members for their involvement in the initiative.