Imagine a world free from bullying

Today is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

IGS took the time this week to enhance the kind and productive atmosphere throughout our School.

“Imagine a world free from bullying!” IGS Principal Shauna Colnan wrote in this week’s Through Line, her weekly letter to staff.

“Let’s continue to create a kind and productive atmosphere where students and colleagues feel safe, liked and valued for who they are.”

National Day of Action Against Bullying

Ms Colnan reflected on the words of Virgin Australia CEO and Managing Director John Borghetti AO at our recent IGS Culture Conference.

“John said ‘forget about how you want your organisation to be, focus more on how you want the world to be and work within your zone of influence and your community to achieve that!’,” Ms Colnan wrote.

IGS organised posters to be put up around the School to encourage positivity, as well as wrist bands and cards that were distributed to students. Various other activities took place within the classrooms this week to boost friendly communication and thoughtfulness.

“Together we have the best chance of creating a world free of bullying within our school community,” Ms Colnan wrote.

“Please know that your individual contribution to our culture is profoundly influential.”

Students of all ages took on the “Bullying. No Way!” message in diverse ways throughout the week, including Year 6 students handing out wristbands and sharing their views.

Noah: “It’s about respecting others.”

Hayley: “Don’t be a bully. Be a kind person.”

Mia: “School is a place where you should feel safe, not scared.”

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