IGS wild phone drive

For the next two weeks on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings at the School Gate, the Sustainable Futures Group will be carrying out a “Phone Drive” to collect old, disused or broken devices.

The project aligns with the Taronga Conservation Society Phone Cycle and raises awareness of the impact mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are having on the environment.

The Sustainable Futures Group is encouraging families to consider the global cost of creating mobile devices, as mining for coltan and other minerals has severe environmental and human impacts.

“Some of the consequences of our increasing demand for these devices are the accelerating the loss of mountain gorillas and at least 10 other African primate species at an alarming rate,” said Nathan Turner of Year 8.

“The broken phone that may seem to you like a worthless object that’s cluttering your house, can be refurbished with repairers and repurposed.

“Every small action we take makes an impact and makes a difference, and you can be the change for the wild today.”