IGS welcomes friends from Japan

IGS has welcomed Japanese exchange students from our sister school Owada High School, Osaka Japan.

Aika, Momona, Ayane and Naoshi will be at the School for three weeks, immersing themselves into the IGS school life, and boarding with four IGS students and their families.

“I’ve been enjoying thinking about how to translate certain things to make it easier for Ayane to understand,” said Parker of Year 10.

“I want to help Ayane become more fluent in English and more confident.”

The Japanese exchange students all agreed that their IGS friends were “very good” in their delivery of Japanese.

“We love class time with the students,” said Momona.

The IGS students aim to ensure that their new friends enjoy their three-week stay, see as much of Sydney as possible and improve their fluency in English.

“I’ve really enjoyed bonding with Aika,” said Anika of Year 11. “It’s been fun making a new friend, and I want to make the rest of Aika’s time here really enjoyable, comfortable, and most of all, fun.”