IGS Virtual Cross Country Championships up and running

House members are off and racing, with Kuyal in the lead...

“It has been absolutely fantastic to see the IGS community engage with the Virtual Cross Country to the extent they have,” said Director of Sport Brian Downton.

“After only a few days, large numbers of entries started rolling in from students, staff, parents and alumni.

“At last count, Kuyal is in the lead and was last seen heading north past Gosford,” Brian said.

“Gura and Bamal are hot on their heels and are also around the Central Coast. Unfortunately, Baado is stuck in traffic on the Harbour Bridge and needs all House members to rally and get entries in so they can get moving!”

The carnival is open until Friday 12 June (Week 7) and participants can enter multiple runs or walks.

More information can be found on the IGS 1000 Point Challenge website or at the following link: Virtual Cross Country Championships.