IGS Vacation Care immersed in Aboriginal Culture

Children in the IGS Vacation Care program were immersed in Aboriginal culture during the school holidays.

Preschool and Transition students were treated to a singing class as part of the School’s focus on Aboriginal culture during NAIDOC week.

A guest speaker from Cultural Infusion taught the children the welcome song “Wanjoo” followed by a Dreamtime story of the Brolga bird and how it followed its passion for dancing.

They also sang “Heads and shoulders, knees and toes” in the language of the Wiradjuri nation and a good morning song in Darug.

Vacation Care coordinator Elena said singing is one of the most important aspects of the Aboriginal culture.

Later in the week, Cara from Koori Kinnections spent the morning with the children, showing them how to use Aboriginal tools and sing the song “Taba-Naba”.

Cara taught the children how to catch a boomerang, how to use the skin of a kangaroo to shelter themselves from the rain, and even learnt how to make canoes using the bark of trees and grass.

Preschool and Transition students Ruby and Ruka also put their painting skills to the test and enjoyed using sticks to paint rainbows to match the Aboriginal art style of pointillism.


The girls said they were pleased with their creations.