IGS teachers receive accreditation in proficiency

International Grammar School congratulate teachers Danielle Wong and Helene Schmit who have recently completed their accreditation as a proficient teacher.

Danielle, who teaches Year 8 History and Geography, Year 12 Legal Studies and Geography and is also Head of Year 8 said it was great to have her efforts recognised by the NSW Education Standards Authority and the school.

“It’s also great as it’s a tangible way to show and recognise the hard work my mentors have put in to nurture me as a teacher,” she said.

“I have to especially thank David Hamper, who has just left IGS and has put in tireless effort into helping me complete this process and I’m just so grateful.”

There are seven standards that teachers must demonstrate before considered proficient.

This ranges from “knowing students and how they learn”, “curriculum, assessment and reporting” all the way to “comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements” and “engage parents and carers”.

“It’s the core to which all teachers should be working at and it’s good to be recognised for it as it’s the ‘bread and butter’ of teaching.”

Helene, who teaches French in years 1,3,4 and 12 said  the certificate of accreditation is a feeling of accomplishment and hard work.

“To become a “proficient” teacher, I had to gather evidence, which could be taken from the programs that I wrote, the learning activities that I produced, the work my students are doing in class,” she said.

“This is an important step-up for teachers, it means that our great work has been recognised.”