IGS teachers model limitless learning

IGS teachers are continuing to set goals and expand their skills and professionalism.

Congratulations to Head of Gura, Music teacher and choir coordinator Katie Salisbury and PDHPE Teacher Lawrance Hunting for being awarded with their proficient teaching accreditation.
Katie, who has been teaching at IGS for four years, says she loves seeing her students grow and develop.
“They also make me laugh all the time,” Katie said.
The highlight of her job is being able to teach a variety of classes and year groups.
“I teach students from Preschool up to Year 10 at the moment. I also get to work closely with the senior students in my Head of House role. I feel very lucky to work across all three schools,” she said.
Achieving her proficient teaching accreditation involves lots of reflection on her current teaching practice and discussing how to make it better.
“Thank you to Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development (Primary School) Michelle Weir,” Katie said.
“She is such an amazing mentor and an incredible resource to teachers undertaking their accreditation. She definitely made the process smooth and less complicated than if I had been doing it all by myself. I feel very lucky to have spent this time with her.”

PDHPE Teacher, Gura Tutor and Head of Year 8, Lawrance has been teaching at IGS for just over 12 months.

“There’s a lot that I love about teaching,” Lawrance said. “Being the nature of PDHPE, I love being responsible for the mental and emotional growth of students in my classroom. I also enjoy seeing my students apply the life skills that I teach them in the classroom to real-life contexts.”

Lawrance said he admires the supportive nature of the IGS school and community.

Lawrance also thanked Michelle Weir for supporting him in achieving his accreditation.

“In the time that I’ve been at IGS, I have embraced the culture and become a part of it. It genuinely feels like we have built a family, a community here, particularly in our PDHPE department,” he said.

“I come across other teachers within IGS who undeniably give all of themselves so that students can learn and be better human beings. I feel lucky to be a part of it and most importantly, learn from it.”