IGS sustainability champions in national spotlight

IGS students were featured as the first in Australia to read the new United Nations Book The Birds and the Bees.

The book was released globally on Monday.

IGS Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele told NewsLocal that “the school hopes to equip students to be world ready, and climate change is the defining global challenge of our time”.

”It is incredibly important that students are aware of climate change and its profound implications for the future.

“The message about climate change can be challenging to communicate. Many adults find the issue complicated. It is often regarded as a problem of the distant future in places far from here,” he said.

Mr Fedele said books like The birds and the bees and the facts of saving life “simplify the message so that young readers can understand it, and as we have seen, children and young people are often the most persuasive, passionate and powerful advocates for the planet”.

IGS student and Sustainable Futures waste leader, Harriet, of Year 11, told the Journalist the book would help students and parents to “understand the issues facing our world”.

“It doesn’t look down on the capacity of children to make real change – instead, it empowers them to learn, create, and speak their minds,” Harriet said.

“Climate change is a huge issue, and it’s one that will face the youngest of our populations more directly, if we can empower children to understand and take action on climate change, we can start a ripple effect of action, empathy and understanding.”

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