IGS students ‘together for a better internet’

IGS students observed Safer Internet Day with a range of activities.

Held internationally on the second day of the second week of the second month each year, Safer Internet Day (#SID2020) this year explored the theme “Together for a Better Internet”.

Students considered: “How can we ensure access to a safe and stimulating online environment for the greatest number, where they can make the most of a wealth of opportunities, while at the same time mitigating its negative side-effects? Together, we have the power to inspire positive changes online and to raise awareness of the issues that matter to us.”

Primary Digital Innovator David Smith gave students from Kindergarten to Year 6 a suite of activities that reinforced safe practices online and promoted discussion on use of the internet at school and at home.

The activities, primarily from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, included Year 5 students making individual speech bubbles that highlighted how they were going to make the internet a safer place. This activity really gave the opportunity for students to reflect on how they use the internet and how they can be proactive in keeping it safe for everyone.

“Since they were born these students have always had the internet at their fingertips,” Mr Smith said.

“As parents and teachers, this is all uncharted territory as technology changes at an exponential rate. We need to make a generational shift in the way our students operate in handling technology and behaving in their online world.”

Topics discussed in classes on Safer Internet Day included:

  • Safe password use
  • Online etiquette and online chatting with other “gamers”
  • How to report something they feel uncomfortable with seeing online
  • Ways to self regulate time spent on devices
  • Thinking twice before sharing information and photos.

The students were also asked to participate in creating a poster or catchy jingle or rap that promotes a better internet for everyone. Winners and prizes will be announced at the next Junior School assembly.

Oscar in Year 2 rushed home to make a start on his poster that very night! This is his response to making a better internet for everyone! He is pictured with new Digital Leaders Alice Moss Ractliffe and Anton Perumal.

Important cyber safety links for parents:

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