IGS students stand up to seek climate action

Hundreds of IGS students who had their parents' permission attended the student strike at Sydney Town Hall to join the global student movement aimed at inspiring action to halt climate change.

“At IGS, we’re equipping our students to be ready for the world,” said Principal Shauna Colnan.

“We aim to incite passionate and creative learning, grow tenacious and confident individuals, and inspire meaningful engagement with local, national and global communities.

“Our students speak at least one additional language, so they feel very connected with this global student movement.

“We encourage our students to stand up and speak out respectfully in support of what matters to them.

“All of our students who are taking part are doing so with their parents’ and caregivers’ permission.”  

Students act on climate change
Students act on climate change

Sage: “Climate change is getting a lot worse.”

setting off for the student strike on climate change
Setting off for the student strike on climate change

Natasha: “There is no Planet B. We are the next generation.”

Speaking out on climate change
Speaking out on climate change

Oliver: “This is how we are changing the politicians’ view. We can’t vote.”
Katya: “The people in power are not taking it seriously. If they are not going to act like adults, we should.”
Anouk: “We need to show the government this is an important issue.”

Seeking climate change action