IGS athletes shine on track and field

IGS students took their speed, strength, skills and positive attitude to the recent Combined Districts Secondary Sports Association (CDSSA) Athletics Championships, with excellent results.

IGS PDHPE Teachers Amanda Ghorra and Lyndon Kleeman advised our students to do their best.

“Benjamin Hayes of Year 11 jumped his personal best in the Under 16s High Jump over the 187 cm bar, with elegance and grace, despite the high winds and onlooking competitors,” Amanda said.

“It was clear his practice and offside support in the lead up wasn’t in vain.

“A special mention to Stephanie Potter, Benjamin Hayes and Maya Braun who nurtured the younger athletes and took out Age Champions. Mila Koller, Amelia Whitaker and Jasper Shearing followed suit.”

Congratulations to all the athletes who gave of their best and supported each other on the day.

“There is nothing more satisfying than a healthy competition and sharing that with your peers,” Amanda said.

“Thank you to the parents, grandparents and puppy pugs that could make it on the day to cheers on our students.”