IGS students join strike for climate action

More than 100 IGS students joined students around Australia to protest against lack of action on climate change.

With their parents’ permission, they gathered in Martin Place with thousands of other students for a midday show of strength to politicians, and demanded action on climate change.

“The government’s not listening,” said Eva Workman of Year 10.

“The people who are making decisions about climate change are not going to be affected by it like we will be,” said Allegra Welsh of Year 10.

“We learn about climate change in Geography, so it’s stupid not to take action,” said Amelia Milne.

IGS climate change protester
Taking action on climate change

“I think it’s part of us growing up and making our own decisions,” said Hayley Dobbin. “Scott Morrison should be welcoming young people making their views known.” 

“We are the future of Australia,” said Marquis Tropman of Year 9. “The students’ strike is showing that a lot of students actually care about the political situation and the environment, because climate change is happening, and it’s going to take a lot of effort to do something. The government has the power to do something.”

“I care about the environment,” said Joe Manning of Year 9. “We need someone to actually do something about this. The government is not getting anything done.”

Chloe Walsh of Year 10 said looking after the economy at the expense of the planet was counter productive.

“All our major cities are on the coast,” Chloe said. “In 20, 30 or 50 years, the economy is not going to matter.

“During the Vietnam War, the young people made some of the most impact in getting change from the government.

“When you show you care, you are really making a difference.”

Climate change protest poster
Students made their demands clear