IGS recognises Reconciliation Week

IGS recognised the very important acknowledgement of our First Nations people during Week 5 of Term 2.

IGS Teachers Lucy and Jade gave High School students a greater understanding of the shared history we have with First Nations people of this country, and the impact of the past 250 years on their culture, languages and communities.

“We wanted to give all our students the chance to have an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective incorporated into our curriculum and co-curricular programs,” Lucy said.

“Education is a key aspect to Reconciliation and we believe schools have an obligation to ensure we are providing our school community, staff, students and parents alike with opportunities to celebrate, acknowledge and pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Australia.”

Akira of Year 12 said: “Up until now I didn’t realise the extent of the systemic racism that has perpetrated our society for so long. Stan Grant’s video was very powerful.”

Chloe of Year 12 said:  “I learnt a lot of facts about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history that I should have known but didn’t. I feel more aware.”

Parker of Year 12 said: ” It gave me an opportunity to learn about important events connected to our First Nations people that we have not had a chance to learn before in the classroom”

We thank Kristy Masella, mother of 2018 Head Girl Mi-kaisha, and Kiki, currently in Year 10, for kindly delivered some delicious Reconciliation sweet treats made with local ingredients to thank all IGS Teachers.

IGS is commited to mutually beneficial Indigenous education, offering Indigenous scholarships and the increasingly popular Aboriginal Studies for senior students.