IGS parent forum to discuss health and wellbeing

The IGS Community Learning Program's "Food for Wellbeing” workshop will provide parents with information about the benefits of eating fresh and healthy foods, and how to best nourish our minds, bodies and souls.

The free event, on 31 March from 6pm to 7pm, will be led by IGS Psychologist Dr Tamara Kezelman and special guest presenter KEW Coaching practicing life coach Karen Wong.

Karen is passionate about helping others live optimally, and demonstrating how food is one of the keys to this outcome. Her coaching includes encouraging others to build life skills and identify blocks in their thinking.

She is challenged daily as a mum of three and has worked in many industries to help people navigate change, particularly behavioural change. Karen has lived and worked in Finland, the UK and USA as well as Australia, and has first-hand experience of the nutritional challenges experienced in schools and communities.

At the event, Karen will explain the idea of living optimally and the life skills our kids need to develop to nourish their minds, bodies and spirits. She will share how she teaches children to ask, “What’s in my food?” and how to take care of their one body for life. Karen will encourage us to consider how our body speaks to us, and the importance of considering our kids’ gut health, adrenal and brain health to achieve wellbeing in their youth, and set them up for optimal living as they get older. Karen acknowledges that while food is an important function of wellbeing, it is not the only factor. 

Karen is excited to share these experiences as a certified instructor of The Mad Food Science Program, which seeks to encourage children and parents to choose more “real foods”.

Karen Wong

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