IGS music events 2018

The IGS community is welcome to join us at our 2018 Music concerts. Each will be held in the Hall at 6pm.

Note: There may be changes closer to the performing groups closer to the concert date

Term 2

Concert 2: Wednesday 20 June (Week 8)

Senior Vocal Ensemble, IGS Voices, Sax Ensemble, Years 3 to 4, Years 5 to 6 Primary Choirs, Selected Primary String Quartets

Term 3

Concert 3: Wednesday 29 August (Week 6)

Symphonic Winds, Wind Orchestra, Senior Orchestra, Senior Vocal Ensemble, IGS Voices, Selected HSC performers, Jazz Band

Term 4

Concert 4: Thursday 18 October (Week 1)

Training Band, Bay Street Band, Kelly Street Band, Paganini Strings, Sarasate Strings, Primary Choirs, Selected String Quartets Quartet

Showcase Concert: Tuesday 6 November (Week 4)

Senior Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, Symphonic Winds, Years 3 to 6 Choirs, IGS Voices, Senior Vocal Ensemble, Selected chamber items and HSC performers WO, SW, Invited performers, Nexas Quartet