French skills put to the test

Over the recent holidays, a group of IGS students volunteered for an exchange at the Lycée Condorcet, a school in Maroubra using an entirely French curriculum.

Students Harry, James, Zara and Henry Menzies, accompanied by IGS French Teacher Juliette Bates, attended classes with French students and teachers.

“While most of our French knowledge was up to the task of understanding what was happening, there were gaps which luckily were quickly filled by the astoundingly helpful and friendly students of Lycée Condorcet,” IGS French Teacher Juliette said.

“We even decided to attend a German class, which was completely new to all of us and was particularly challenging!

“I have to say that the experience would not have been the same were it not for the students at the school, many of whom we now call our friends.”

All involved were grateful for the opportunity.