IGS Kindergarten Teddy Bears Picnic a delight for all

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan invited Kindergarten students to the School's Peace Garden for the annual Teddy Bears Picnic on Thursday 5 September.

The Picnic celebrates the Kindergarten children’s ability to settle in so well to the School and to learn as much as they can.

Students were welcomed by the Teddy Bears Picnic song before skipping around the garden with Ms Colnan and their teacher.

Shreya of Kindy Blue said she was going to share her teddy bear with her brother, and Edward of Kindy Blue said “thank you for my baby”.

“I love the way children are talking about sharing their teddy bear with others,” Ms Colnan said.

Harper of Kindy Gold said she named her bear “Peeky Boo” because he likes to poke his head out of the bag.

Harper, with her friends Luna and Arkie, created an impromptu teddy party in the garden and invited their class to join.

James said his bear would be a police bear. Others name their bears Jay, Emmaella, Goldenbear, Tricky, Star and Eagle.