IGS joins Schools across Australia for a minute’s silence

On 11 June at 11.30am, IGS students and staff participated in a silent minute, joining 30 schools around the country to honour the lives lost to racism and the suffering it continues to cause.

Year 8 student Eva Valder initiated the School’s participation in the silent minute.

“Recently, the movement of Black Lives Matter and police brutality has been recognised a lot more, and for most people, it has been the first time we have heard about it, after the death of George Floyd,” Eva said.

Eva said it felt nice to do something together with other schools, even if it was something small.

“Black Lives Matter is so important because it brings awareness to the long history of systemic racism and violence towards indigenous and black people. It’s important for us to try and do anything to help, even taking a few minutes out of your day to sign some petitions helps a lot,” Eva said.

“Thousands of people across the world have joined in to support the movement, and you can too.

“Although it might seem like this only happens in America, it also happens around Australia. Over 400 indigenous lives have been lost over recent years, and it is crucial for us to recognise that.

“Anything you do to support the movement helps, and remember ‘if you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor’.”