IGS and sustainability in the media

Congratulations to Jake Mahemoff of Year 11 who was featured in The Daily Telegraph's recent Mission Zero article.

The article shone a spotlight on a series of young people who are fighting climate change.

“Meet the future leaders of the debate,” The Daily Telegraph wrote.

“They’re young and still in the classroom, but that won’t stop our climate change heroes of tomorrow from fighting to improve our communities today. 

“They are the up-and-coming climate change leaders, working to reduce emissions in their homes, classrooms and around the country. News Corp’s Mission Zero works to celebrate fascinating and inspirational stories of ordinary Australians — and some extraordinary ones too — who have devoted themselves to tackling some of the toughest and trickiest issues in the journey to net zero.”

Jake, who is the Sustainable Future’s Resources Leader told The Daily Telegraph that he was determined to cut down on the use of paper in the classroom, while researching other ways he can reduce the community’s carbon footprint.

Jake also said that IGS recently “installed energy efficient appliances such as motion sensors which turn off lights automatically. We also recycle all waste where possible and printer cartridges, and provide our teachers with reusable whiteboard markers where possible.”

“This has reduced our need to consume goods unnecessarily,” he told the publication.

Read the full article here.