IGS hosts Youth UN Conference

IGS was delighted to host the recent Annual NSW Youth UN Conference, with student delegates from around Sydney in attendance, including 10 of our own.

IGS Deputy Principal Academic Operations Lisa Kelliher said the event “fit so beautifully into our School values” of diversity, connectedness, personal achievement, authenticity and vibrancy.
“The diversity of the participants and their perspectives was inspiring, and their global outlook certainly implied enormous hope for the future,” Lisa said.
“It was truly amazing to see them all come together to discuss the global impact of COVID-19, mental health initiatives, climate change and the environment, First Nations people, and human rights. A panel of fascinating speakers addressed the forum.
“The quality of the model UN debates from these young people was extraordinary.”
Year 11 student Madiba said the Conference was a great opportunity to develop leadership skills “in an environment where everyone was very dedicated and passionate”.
We congratulate Madiba who was selected to participate at the National UN Youth Conference.
“I had such a fantastic time and got to meet so many brilliant and impressive people who all genuinely care for the future of our planet,” Madiba said.
“Sometimes the future of our planet can seem quite melancholy and gloomy but then you meet the leaders of the future, and you’re suddenly reassured that our future is in good hands. 
“It was extremely inspiring to spend the weekend in the company of both such talented and helpful staff, but also the incredible students from all around NSW who I had the honour of working with. I look forward to future UN events and hope to bring the skills that I developed into the IGS community.”
Fellow IGS student Ruby Dragicevic said a highlight was the State Conference debates.
“On Day 2, we had two of these debates, where we discussed different resolutions, debating whether we should change them, add to them or strike them altogether,” Ruby said.
“I loved hearing the opinions and reasonings of the different students from all across the State. I believe hearing these creative opinions is what helped me learn the most.”
Jack Scott-Hickie said he particularly enjoyed the Model UN Debate where he represented Malawi.
“I took great pleasure in making friends and alliances with other people representing different countries and forming peculiar alliances, such as my alliance between Malawi, New Zealand and Uzbekistan,” Jack said.
“It was a load of fun to meet many like-minded kids from other schools and I made a lot of new friends over the weekend.”
We congratulate the following IGS students who represented the School at the event:
Harriet Ryder
Zahra Moloobhoy 
Ruby Dragicevic
Finn Barker-Tomkins
Madiba Doyle-Lambert
Jack Scott-Hickie
Oliver Hale
Leonardo Martinez
Katya Slavin
Charlotte Waley