IGS Holiday Care Program a delight for young learners

Children in the IGS Term 3 Holiday Care Program had a blast, learning about sport, health, wellbeing, cooking and even oral hygiene.

Extended Hours Coordinator Elena said students had a lot of fun during the sport incursion Moving Bodies which took place on the School’s rooftop.

“We could not have had a better location than the rooftop with that stunning view,” Elena said.

“The children watched and followed all the instructions that the two coaches gave, before starting their play on the obstacle course.

“They learned how to jump on the trampoline and land in the motorbike position, how to roll on their back and how to stretch their back like a cat.”

The children participated in three exciting obstacle courses aimed at improving their full-body strength and physical skills.

The students jumped, ran, rolled, climbed, balanced and skipped.

Later in the holiday program, the children were treated to a cooking incursion by Kids Love to Cook where they used healthy and fresh ingredients to make vegetarian tacos and blissful balls.

“The children were able to learn the importance of balancing ingredients,” she said.

“Cooking is one of the most fun activities for our little ones.”

The children also enjoyed Teeth Talk, a presentation about oral hygiene.

Later in the holiday, the children enjoyed a game of inflatable dartboard.