IGS goes bright and bold for Harmony Day

Students and teachers wore orange to celebrate Harmony Day this week, showing respect for multiculturalism.

“Harmony Week is a nation-wide celebration of multiculturalism under the banner of ‘Everyone Belongs’,” said Head of Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

“It is about inclusiveness and respect for all Australians, a theme that is lived everyday at IGS under our motto of Unity through Diversity.

Over the course of the week, children in Early Learning took part in a variety of stories, discussions and craft activities that promoted concepts of friendship and kindness for all.

Tuesday and Thursday were particularly colourful, when many of the children wore orange as a fun way to make a bright statement of unity within our community.

Primary School and High School as well as IGS staff joined in the celebrations on Friday.

IGS students learning from home have shown that the IGS spirit remains mighty and connected.

Nicholas and his sister spoke about Harmony Day at home, and said it was a “caring day”. They enjoyed making and drawing their own Harmony Day signs.