Matilda and IGS ensembles still going strong

IGS music students are still practising, singing and auditioning, despite COVID-19.

More than half of the School’s 1,280 students aged from 3 to 18 learn an instrument or sing in more than 15 choirs and ensembles, and with the IGS Off-Campus Learning Program, it’s business as usual.

Relevant warm-ups, technical exercises, play-along videos and the students’ usual repertoire have been uploaded to new Canvas pages.

Most private lessons with the School’s 30 peripatetic staff, are continuing.

And the Years 4 and 5 instrumental program is going strong, with tutors providing online feedback for students as they continue to progress.

Matilda the Musical progresses

Meanwhile, preparations for the School’s production of Matilda the Musical continue apace, despite an unknown performance date for the time being.

Following live auditions of about 150 students earlier in the year, a “callbacks” Canvas page has been set up, which includes videos of dances, songs and soundtracks.

Students are learning the dances and songs at home, and will shortly be submitting callback videos.

The production team will cast the show early Term 2.

Music a ‘welcome relief’ each day 

“It’s fabulous to be able to continue our program and provide the means for each of our students to be inspired to continue their practice and continue their interaction with their tutors,” said IGS Director of Music Alison Housley.

“It breaks up their day. Parents are relieved that their children have ‘out time’ away from their computers. It’s a welcome relief from the intensity of online learning and a different focus.”

Thanking Dr Peter Leung

IGS thanks Dr Peter Leung for coordinating much of the online ensemble material while Sarah Butler was on leave. We welcome Sarah’s return in Term 2.

Dr Leung is well-known in the IGS community as an Artist in Residence with Duo Leung.

At IGS, the role of the Artist-in-Residence Ensemble is to inspire students to reach great heights has performers and music makers.

This takes the form of frequent performances by Duo Leung in the wonderful Showcase concerts in the main hall, enabling students to see “in action” the life of a professional musician.

Additionally, Duo Leung supports the classroom music program through regular workshops and coachings for performers, focussing on instrumental techniques, repertoire, ensemble collaboration, and performance technique and approaches.

Particular focus has been on helping IGS HSC students in preparation for their performances, including regular written feedback on assessment tasks.