IGS ELC takes part in university languages research

IGS parents and carers are contributing to a university study on how home languages are maintained in Australia.

“In our commitment to supporting young children acquiring new languages, the Early Learning Centre is joining with Western Sydney University (WSU), Sydney University and University of Melbourne to participate in a future research study,” said IGS Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

The study will address “the multilingual policy gap in early childhood education: A longitudinal investigation of educational models that promote the untapped linguistic resources and repertoires of young bi/multilingual children”.

Linked to this topic, WSU is launching a brief survey asking parents and carers about their experiences and challenges in keeping their home language alive for their children.

WSU plans to use the findings of the survey to promote initiatives that promote bilingual programs and home language support in the community.

IGS thanks Early Learning Centre parents and carers for helping make a difference to future language policies by participating in the research.