IGS Drama students countdown to showtime

Students are on the countdown to the final rehearsals of the IGS production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

“After a stop-start beginning in 2020, when all theatres closed their doors, we are now delighted to be able to bring this beautiful work to our new Centre for the Dramatic Arts,” Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said.

“Acclaimed Sport for Jove founder and Artistic Director Damien Ryan has worked with our High School students to direct this masterful play and unlock the complexity of Shakespeare’s early modern comedy.

“We have four shows scheduled next week from February 24 to 27 for a limited audience of cast family and friends, owing to COVID restrictions.

“We will, however, capture the production on film, for the IGS community to enjoy. Chookas to our resilient performers!”

We also wish to congratulate IGS student Aidan Hale who created this poster for the show.

See the students in rehearsal below.